The Huddle is a full-service sports bar with an extensive selection of beverage options. To view individual beverage items, scroll down or click the links below.


DRAFT BEER - up to 4.0% alcohol by volume
Bud Light - Missouri, USA
Budweiser - Missouri, USA
Coors Light - Colorado, USA
Epic Session IPA - Utah, USA
Guinness Irish Stout (Nitro) - Ireland
Miller Lite - Wisconsin, USA
New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale - Colorado, USA
Shock Top - Missouri, USA
Sierra Nevada IPA - California, USA
Squatters Full Suspension Pale Ale - Utah, USA
Squatters Hefeweizen - Utah, USA
Stella Artois Legere - Belgium
Uinta 801 Pilsner - Utah, USA
Seasonal Drafts* - Various
* We offer 4 more draft beer options on a rotating basis.

BOTTLED BEER - up to 4.0% alcohol by volume
Best Damn Apple Ale - Missouri, USA
Bud Light - Missouri, USA
Budweiser - Missouri, USA
Coors - Colorado, USA
Corona Extra - Mexico
Heineken - The Netherlands
Michelob Ultra - Missouri, USA
Miller Lite - Wisconsin, USA
Uinta Cutthroat Pale Ale - Utah, USA

HIGH-POINT BOTTLED BEER - more than 4.0% alcohol by volume
Anchor Steam - California, USA (4.9% abv)
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider - Ohio, USA (5.0% abv)
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA - California, USA (7.0% abv)
Deschutes Black Butte Porter - Oregon, USA (5.2% abv)
Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale - Oregon, USA (5.0% abv)
Epic Double Skull Doppelbock - Utah, USA (9.0% abv)
Epic Escape to Colorado IPA - Utah, USA (6.2% abv)
Epic Intermountain Wheat Pale Ale - Utah, USA (5.0% abv)
Epic Mid Mountain Mild Ale - Utah, USA (4.8% abv)
Epic Pfeifferhorn Lager - Utah, USA (5.3% abv)
Epic Spiral Jetty IPA - Utah, USA (6.6% abv)
Epic Tart 'n Juicy Sour IPA - Utah, USA (4.5% abv)
Kokanee Pilsner - Canada (5.0% abv)
Kona Big Wave Golden Ale - Hawaii, USA (4.4% abv)
Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin Ale - California, USA (7.5% abv)
Lagunitas Sucks Double IPA - California, USA (7.9% abv)
Molson Canadian Pale Lager - Canada (5.0% abv)
Molson Golden Pale Lager - Canada (5.0% abv)
Negra Modelo Dark Ale - Mexico (5.3% abv)
Newcastle Brown Ale - England (4.7% abv)
Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale - Colorado, USA (6.5% abv)
Pacifico Cerveza Clara Lager - Mexico (4.8% abv)
Red Rock Elephino Double IPA - Utah, USA (8.0% abv)
Samuel Adams Boston Lager - Massachusetts, USA (4.8% abv)
Session IPA - Oregon, USA (5.1% abv)
Session Premium Lager - Oregon, USA (5.1% abv)
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - California, USA (5.6% abv)
Sierra Nevada Sidecar Orange Pale Ale - California, USA (5.3% abv)
Squatters Hop Rising IPA - Utah, USA (9.0% abv)
Stella Artois Belgian Pilsner - Belgium (4.8% abv)
Uinta Hop Nosh IPA - Utah, USA (7.3% abv)
Wasatch Devastator Double Bock - Utah, USA (8.0% abv)
Wasatch Ghostrider White IPA - Utah, USA (6.0% abv)



Cabernet Sauvignon - California, USA 
Merlot California, USA
Pinot Noir California, USA

Chardonnay California, USA 
Pinot Grigio - California, USA

Brut Champagne - California, USA 
White Zinfandel - California, USA



Bakers -
Barterhouse 20yr - Domestic
Basil Hayden 8yr - Domestic
Blantons Single Barrel - Domestic
Blood Oath Pact #1 - Domestic
Blood Oath Pact #2 - Domestic
Blood Oath Pact #3 - Domestic
Bookers - Domestic
Buffalo Trace - Domestic
Bulleit 10yr - Domestic
Bulleit Frontier - Domestic
Calumet Farm - Domestic
E H Taylor Barrel Proof - Domestic
E H Taylor Four Grain - Domestic
E H Taylor Single Barrel - Domestic
E H Taylor Small Batch - Domestic
Eagle Rare 17yr - Domestic
Eagle Rare Single Barrel - Domestic
Elijah Craig 18yr - Domestic
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof - Domestic
Evan Williams Single Barrel - Domestic
Four Roses Single Barrel - Domestic
Four Roses Small Batch - Domestic
George T Stagg - Domestic
Hirsch Straight Small Batch - Domestic
Huddle Private Barrel - Domestic         WELL Spirit ("on the gun")
Hudson Baby - Domestic
Jim Beam - Domestic
Jim Beam Black - Domestic
Jim Beam Distillers Masterpiece - Domestic
Kentucky Vintage - Domestic
Knob Creek - Domestic
Knob Creek 2001 Limited Edition - Domestic
Knob Creek Single Barrel - Domestic
Makers Mark - Domestic
Makers Mark 46 - Domestic
Makers Mark Cask Strength - Domestic
Old Forester 1870 - Domestic
Old Forester 1897 - Domestic
Old Forester 1920 - Domestic
Old Forester Birthday - Domestic
Old Forester Signature - Domestic
Orphan Barrel Forged Oak - Domestic
Orphan Barrel Gifted Horse - Domestic
Pappy Van Winkle 10yr - Domestic
Pappy Van Winkle 12yr - Domestic
Ridgemont Reserve 1792 - Domestic
Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Full Proof - Domestic
Ridgemont Reserve 1792 High Rye - Domestic
Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Port Finish - Domestic
Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Single Barrel - Domestic
Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Sweet Wheat - Domestic
Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel - Domestic
Russells Reserve 10yr - Domestic
Russells Reserve Single Barrel - Domestic
Stagg Jr - Domestic
Wild Turkey 101 - Domestic
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit - Domestic
Wild Turkey Rare Breed - Domestic
Willet Pot Still Reserve - Domestic
William Larue Weller Barrel Proof - Domestic
Woodford Reserve - Domestic
Woodford Reserve Brandy Cask Finish - Domestic
Woodford Reserve Double Oak - Domestic

Basil Hayden Rye - Domestic
Bookers Rye Limited Edition - Domestic
Bulleit 95 Rye - Domestic
Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye - Domestic
E H Taylor Straight Rye - Domestic
High West A Midwinter Nights Dram - Domestic
High West Double Rye - Domestic
High West Rendezvous Rye - Domestic
High West Yippee Ki-Yay - Domestic
Hudson Manhattan Rye - Domestic
Knob Creek Rye - Domestic
Pendleton 1910 Canadian Rye - Import
Pikesville Straight Rye - Domestic
Rittenhouse Rye - Domestic
Russells Reserve Rye - Domestic
Sazerac Rye 6yr - Domestic
Sazerac Rye 18yr - Domestic
Thomas Handy Rye - Domestic
Whistlepig 10yr Straight Rye - Domestic
Whistlepig 12yr Old World Cask Finish Rye - Domestic
Whistlepig 15yr Straight Rye - Domestic
Whistlepig The Boss Hog Barrel Strength Rye - Domestic
Willet Family Bottled Rye - Domestic
Woodford Reserve Rye - Domestic

Alaska Outlaw - Domestic
Gentleman Jack - Domestic
High West American Prairie Reserve - Domestic
High West Bourye - Domestic
High West Campfire Blend - Domestic
Jack Daniels Barrel Proof - Domestic
Jack Daniels Old No.7 - Domestic         WELL Spirit ("on the gun")
Jack Daniels Single Barrel - Domestic
Jack Daniels Sinatra - Domestic
Jack Daniels Single Barrel - Domestic
McCarthys Oregon Whiskey - Domestic
Parkers Heritage 8yr - Domestic
Stranahans Colorado - Domestic
Stranahans Diamond Peak - Domestic
Tin Cup - Domestic
Wild Turkey Forgiven - Domestic
Wyoming Whiskey - Domestic
Yellowstone Select - Domestic

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel - Domestic
Crown Royal - Import         WELL Spirit ("on the gun")
Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend - Import
Crown Royal Hand Selected - Import
Crown Royal Monarch 75th - Import
Crown Royal Reserve - Import
Crown Royal XO - Import
Crown Royal XR - Import
Pendleton - Domestic
Pendleton 20yr - Import
Pendleton Midnight - Domestic
Seagrams VO 6yr - Import

Bushmills - Import 
Bushmills 10yr - Import
Bushmills 16yr - Import
Bushmills Black Bush - Import
Bushmills Red Bush - Import
Jameson - Import
Jameson 12yr - Import
Jameson 18yr - Import
Jameson Black Barrel - Import
Jameson Caskmates - Import
Jameson Gold - Import
Jameson Rarest Reserve - Import
Knappogue Castle 12yr - Import
Knappogue Castle 16yr - Import
Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy - Import
Midleton Rare - Import
Redbreast 12yr - Import
Redbreast 12yr Cask Strength - Import
Redbreast 15yr - Import
Redbreast 21yr - Import
Tullamore Dew - Import
Tullamore Dew 12yr - Import
West Cork 10yr - Import

Nikka Coffey Grain - Import
Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt - Import
Suntory Hakushu 12yr - Import
Suntory Hibiki Harmony - Import
Yamazaki 12yr Single Malt - Import
Yamazaki 18yr Single Malt - Import
Chivas Regal 12yr
Chivas Regal 18yr Import
Dewars White Label Import
Johnnie Walker Black 12yr Import
Johnnie Walker Blue Import
Johnnie Walker Red Import

Aberlour 12yr - Import
Aberlour 16yr - Import
Aberlour A'Bunadh - Import
Glenfiddich 12yr Special Reserve - Import 
Glenfiddich 15yr Solera - Import
Glenfiddich 18yr Small Batch - Import
Glenlivet 12yr - Import
Glenlivet 15yr French Oak - Import
Glenlivet 18yr - Import
Glenlivet 25yr - Import
Lagavulin 8yr - Import
Lagavulin 16yr - Import
Lagavulin Distillers Edition - Import
Laphroaig 10yr - Import
Macallan 12yr - Import
Macallan 18yr - Import
Oban 14yr - Import
Oban 18yr - Import
Oban Distillers Edition - Import
Oban Little Bay - Import
Crown Royal Regal Apple - Canadian, Import
Crown Royal Vanilla - Canadian, Import 
Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey - Liqueur, Import
Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire - American, Domestic
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey - American, Domestic
Southern Comfort - Liqueur, Domestic


Absolut - Domestic

Grey Goose Import
Ketel One Import
Stolichnaya Import
Titos Handmade - Domestic         WELL Spirit ("on the gun")

Absolut Apeach - Import
Absolut Berri Acai - Import
Absolut Citron - Import
Absolut Mandarin - Import
Absolut Pears - Import
Absolut Raspberri - Import
Absolut Ruby Red - Import
Absolut Vanilla - Import
Effen Cucumber - Import
Effen Green Apple - Domestic
Pinnacle Whipped Cream - Domestic
Smirnoff Cherry - Domestic
Smirnoff Grape - Domestic
Three Olives Bubble - Domestic



Bombay Sapphire - Dry, Domestic         WELL Spirit ("on the gun")
Plymouth - Dry, Import
- Dry, Import



1800 Silver Select Import
Casamigos Blanco Import
Cazadores Blanco Import
Corazon De Agave Blanco Import
Cuervo Tradicional Silver - Import
Don Julio Blanco Import
Herradura Silver Import
Hornitos Plata Import         WELL Spirit ("on the gun")
Milagro Silver Import
Patron Platinum Import
Patron Roca Silver Import
Patron Silver Import

Cabo Wabo Reposado - Import
Cazadores Reposado - Import
Correlajo Reposado - Import
Don Julio Reposado - Import
Herradura Reposado - Import
Milagro Reposado - Import
Milagro Reposado Select - Import
Patron Reposado - Import
Patron Roca Reposado - Import

Corzo Anejo - Import
Don Julio 1942 - Import
Don Julio Anejo - Import
Herradura Anejo - Import
Patron Anejo - Import
Patron Roca Anejo - Import
Porfidio Anejo - Import
Sauza Tres Generacions Anejo - Import
Cuervo Especial Gold - Import
Maestro Dobel Diamond - Import



Bacardi Superior Light - Domestic         WELL Spirit ("on the gun")
Captain Morgan Original Spiced - Import
Malibu Coconut - Domestic
Myers Original Dark Import



Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur - Import
Disaronno Amaretto Liqueur - Import
Frangelico Hazlenut Liqueur - Import
Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps - Import
Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Orange Liqueur - Import
Hennessy VS Cognac - Import
Jagermeister Herbal Liqueur - Import
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur - Import
Paul Masson Grande Amber Brandy - Domestic
Romana Sambuca Anise-Flavored Liqueur - Import
Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps - Import
Tuaca Vanilla Liqueur - Import



Diet Coke
Ginger Ale
Iced Tea
Coffee - Caffinated
Cranberry Juice
Orange Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Pineapple Juice
Tomato Juice
Huddle Recipe Bloody Mary Mix
Red Bull Original
Red Bull Sugar-Free
Red Bull Blue Edition - Blueberry
Red Bull Orange Edition - Tangerine
Red Bull Red Edition - Cranberry
Red Bull Yellow Edition - Tropical
Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer
O'Douls Non-Alcoholic Beer


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